Soem Sinon Receives Life Saving Operation

Soem Sinon Receives Life Saving Operation

Soem Sinon is a 25-year old single man from Takeo province located 78 kilometers southwest of Phnom Penh.. He is the fourth of ten children. His nine siblings share the same wooden frame home which has no electrical service.

They live with and provide support for their father who farms; their mother passed away two years due to complications from high blood pressure and diabetes. Because of this difficult situation, Sinon had moved to Phnom Penh to look for work. He found employment working in a garage as a motor washer and with his salary of $80 per month he was able to pay for his food and a rental room. The remaining money he would send home to his father to help support his younger brothers and sisters. This was Sinon’s main role: to supplement the earnings that his father makes from farming.

Unfortunately, Sinon became ill and for one week he suffered from a severe fever and he had a sharp pain in his abdomen that he couldn’t bear. He was totally without strength so one of his sisters tried to get treatment for Sinon at a clinic near his rented room. The medicines delivered to him intravenously did not ease his symptoms. In seeking this help, they spent about 20,000riels ($50) from his savings – a very large sum by Cambodian standards.

A few days later a neighbor came to visit and seeing that Sinon’s condition was worsening, the friend told Sinon’s sister about the Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope. The neighbor called SHCH an angel hospital that provides free health care to poor patients and friend claimed that the quality of the care was good. Without hesitating, Sinon’s sister borrowed the boss’ moto and she took her brother to the hospital immediately. After a quick assessment at SHCH, Sinon was transfered to the Emergency room and soon admitted to the medical ward for further observation. Tests revealed a liver abscess; he was then transferred to the surgical ward. After surgery, he stayed in the hospital for several days until his general health condition improved.

“This hospital a lot doctors and nurses who are so much sympathizing to my brother, they treat him with a good medicine, good services. We don’t have money but we got good care like the other people who farm rice too. I am so happy to see my brother is getting better and having a new life now. Truly I am really trust this Sihanouk hospital,” said Seom Chanlap. “Before we come here I am so worried and I had no hope that my brother can get good treatment like this. As I knew, doing operation like this is so expensive.”