Support Us

Support Us

We value and appreciate gifts of all kinds.  It helps us achieve our mission and share the results of our efforts.   There are simple ways you can help:

  1. Sign up for our email newsletter through this link
  2. Like our page on Facebook
  3. Consider a cash donation hereFor a monthly, recurring donation of only $25 a month, you can help ensure that we have the supplies and manpower needed to save lives.
  4. Volunteer with us.  We accept both medical and nonmedical volunteers in a variety of capacities.  Learn more here.
  5. Help us with specific needs, either through organizing with your friends or making a gift yourself Contact us for details.

Directing your Donation:

SHCH’s General Fund

Contributions for the important work of providing health care to the poor are needed and always appreciated. The hospital cannot remain open without this funding.  Surgeries and hospitalization are services that save lives.  We depend on individual contributions to offer these treatments to the poor.  The medical services that we deliver saves lives, keeps families together and ensures that health care expenses are not a crushing burden for the poor.  

Many of our patients require surgery, an intensive proposition requiring multiple skilled personnel and extensive supplies and follow-up hospitalization.  It costs us about $700 to help a person recover from surgical procedures. 

Building and Equipment Fund 

Identified specifically for repair and purchase of hospital equipment and facilities, this fund supports the ongoing capital improvement needs of the hospital.  The costs of maintaining top-notch equipment and facilities (often donated by donors and medical volunteers) is upwards of $150,000 per year, with specific needs for bedside care, sterilization and ensuring safe patient transport throughout the hospital.   We are also able to accept a limited number of equipment donations; please contact us to discuss the opportunities.

Professional Development Fund

Support for this fund is dedicated to providing training opportunities, capacity development and skills enhancement for SHCH’s medical professionals or to support special projects dedicated to education and training for SHCH staff.  Each year, SHCH hosts recently graduated physicians who are engaged as “trainee doctors”, engaged in a rigorous medical training program while acting under the close supervision of senior physicians and coached by SHCH’s corps of international volunteers. 

Social Support Fund

SHCH developed an innovative, community-based social support program to meet the needs of patients living with HIV and other severe health issues. This fund supports small, short-term contributions to families for basic needs that are identified by our team of social workers.   Costs for food, transportation, rent assistance, burial costs and transitional needs for orphaned children are covered through this fund.  To operate this inventive and cost effective program, SHCH requires $20,000 a year to provide for these needs of the very poor and to dedicate full-time staff to provide counseling services.
Women’s Health Fund

This fund supports the delivery of women's health care services for poor women.  Women traditionally experience barriers to accessing quality care for their health issues, yet also bear an increased burden of cervical, breast and ovarian cancers. This fund will ensure that all women have access to treatment at the Women’s Health Clinic; currently located in one of HOPE worldwide’s social enterprise clinics in Phnom Penh and recently in our newly-opened SHCH Women’s Health Clinic.
Staff Benevolence Fund

Although employed at SHCH, many of our staff members and their families remain under income and challenged by Phnom Penh’s rapidly increasing cost of living.  One life-event that requires funding (eg. birth, illness, death) can cause our staff families to be put into extreme financial hardship.  Typically, collections from other staff members within the department would be taken up to meet the needs, but we intend to create a formal fund to help staff members and their families through difficult times.  The idea for this fund stemmed from the death of one of our staff members in early 2014, after which her family struggled severely, as she was the only income earner in the family.  Disbursements from this fund will follow stringent guidelines and be subject to the approval of the Fund Advisory Board.   This fund can be established with a gift of $20,000.