A journey to good health

A journey to good health

With 80% of Cambodia’s population living in rural areas, farming is a way of life for many. However, with limited road, transport and healthcare infrastructure outside of Phnom Penh, access to high-quality healthcare is challenging and often prohibitively expensive. When Mr Korm Koeun, a 54-year-old farmer from Kompong Spoeu province, became ill, he travelled to the Sihanouk Hospital Centre of HOPE (SHCH) because he could not afford medical care elsewhere.

Koeun arrived at the hospital with symptoms including chest pain, shortness of breath, cough and fatigue and was diagnosed with pneumothorax, or a collapsed lung. He was treated on the medical ward for two weeks until his health improved.

Koeun’s household income is approximately $3 per day, and with five dependent children, he was grateful for the accessible care that he received at the hospital:

“Without the hospital, I might have died. Thank you very much for giving me a new life… I will tell my village about this hospital because is the best one for the poor in Cambodia.”

Koeun has now fully recovered and returned to his farm and family in the province.