New Hope for Yi Veng at SHCH

New Hope for Yi Veng at SHCH

24-year-old Yi Veng grew up in the Preay Veng Province living with his motherthat his father died when Veng was small child. The family grew up very poor. Veng could never afford to go to school. Year later, he married to Ms. Teat Chhoeum, 23 years and they have one 3-years old child. Because of situation difficulty in his family, they immigrated to find employment at a local brick factory in Kandal Province, about 30 kilometers from Phnom Penh. The family moved into a tiny room (4 m x 3 m) with wood walls. On a good day, he could make 10,000 riel ($2.50), but his income depended on the availability of work. His wages were insufficient to feed his family, meet their health care needs, or purchase a means of transportation.

One day, while working in the brickyard, Yi Veng became feverish, dizzy, and faint, feeling a pain in his abdomen. For 10 days, his fever burned at 39-40co with a severe headache. A local doctor provided an unknown medicine, which failed to improve his condition. His condition grew worse over the next 5 days, increasing abdominal pain accompanied vomiting, coughing, and persistent chest pain. After additional treatments from the local doctor failed to help, he came to SHCH.

Veng heard about the hospital from his nephew, a patient at SHCH. His sister’s family transported him to the hospital. At first, the number of patients and the hospital’s environment overwhelmed Veng. He persevered through his fears, was immediately diagnosed with a liver abcess and admitted to the hospital’s medical ward The doctors treated him with Ceftriaxore and Metronidazole for 13 days- both highly effective antibiotic medications. Veng began to heal, stabilizing as his pain and fever subsided while his appetite revived. After the hospital discharged him so he could return home, he shared, “I feel like I’ve been reborn.  I am so glad for this hospital.”

Following his recovery, Veng looked like a new person. “I am very happy when I recovered from healing and I thank SHCH that give me a new life and also thank tothe staff here at Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE took great care of me.We are so thankful for all that you have done for us. It is such a wonderful gift to have this hospital in Cambodia,” he added.

“Even I am hard work; I need to send my kid to school. I don’t want to let him look like me right now. I hope he can get better life then me in the future, I love my son and my family so much,” said Veng.