A long road to treatment

A long road to treatment

Like many patients in Cambodia, Hong, 31, had a long journey to find treatment for his illness. A month ago, Hong started experiencing fever, joint pain – especially in his left shoulder – headaches, weight loss and had difficulty sleeping.  He visited two clinics for help. At the first, he was diagnosed with a compressed nerve and was given medicine to treat it. At the second clinic, doctors performed a blood test and x-rays and diagnosed Hong with pneumonia, hospitalizing him for 4 days.

By this point, Hong had paid $500 and was still not better. For a road construction worker earning $180 a month, the cost of this care was significant.

Eventually, Hong came to SHCH. With the diagnostic services available, Hong had an x-ray, CT scan and a blood test, which was examined for signs of burkholderia bacterial infection, which is under-diagnosed in Cambodia. Fortunately, this neglected tropical disease is one of SHCH’s research specialties and Hong was finally able to receive a complete diagnosis and treatment. Hong did have a burkholderia infection, along with pneumonia that was causing sepsis and fever. The pain in his left shoulder was due to an abscess.

With a complete diagnosis, Hong is now finally receiving the correct treatment for his condition. He has stayed on the SHCH medical ward for two weeks now receiving medicine and IV fluids, and his condition is improving every day.

Hong is grateful for the care he has received saying: ‘I love this hospital for the quality of care it provides and level of service for the patients. All of the doctors are friendly to the patients all of the time. After I go home, I will tell my friends and neighbours about this hospital. It saved my life.’