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"If you can't help a thousand people help just one."
-Mother Teresa

Patient Consultations
as of July 2014

Newsletter #91


Annual Report 2013



"... I go back home with new hope. Thank you "

Living in poverty was very difficult for people who have a problem with their eyes. Sean Soth is 41 years old from Prey Veng province. She has a problem with her right eyes since she was young. Soth decided to leaves her hometown with her husband due to poverty. She has two children, one is boy and girl but they lives for a way. They are teenagers that live in Phnom Penh. Her daughter works as a factory worker to support her son education.

At the present time, Soth lives in Ratanakiri province, is employs as a worker in the potato company with her husband and youngest brother. She was provided a small house with her family by the company. With the small profits, she tried to work hard but didn’t think about her health. Soth and a sore throat two years ago before she had a job in Rathanakiri province. At her hometown, she was spending a lot a time and money on her ill situation, but the result did not get improve. She fought her illness for a long time. Inopportunely, her condition worsened day after day. She felt dizzy, a high fever, a sore throat and a vomiting at work. Soth didn’t go to see the doctor at the local hospital due to her family didn’t have enough money for treatment. Many days she spends at home sleeping because of her bad condition.

Soth’s oldest brother told her to go to the Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE (SHCH) owing to he works in Phnom Penh. She rented the car to travel to the SHCH wither husband and youngest brother. She arrived the hospital in a bad condition; she could not eat, she felt dizzy, she was vomit and she had high fever. Sothwas diagnosed for her disorder by the doctor and was sent the operating room before she would stay at the surgical ward. “I felt better than before; I can eat and I don’t have more paint.” Said Soth.

Thank you very much for taking care of me. I really trust this hospital because it gave me hope and saved my life.” She continued. Until at this time, Sean Soth discharges home with new hope and recovering. She is going to continue to works to support her family and her children.

Spotlight on Staff
Employees of the Month for June 2014
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Team Award for December 2013
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Ms. Chum Peou Kagna,

CMC Charge Nurse, who has served the hospital for 10 years, is very patient, well-communicated, reliable, and well-behaved.

“I think that 10 years are very short for me to work in the hospital with good staff like all of you”.