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"If you can't help a thousand people help just one."
-Mother Teresa

Patient Consultations
as of January 2015

Newsletter #92


Annual Report 2013



Back home with hope and continue to support family.

Kouk Hen is a 57 years old from Takeo province. She came to work in Phnom Penh with her two daughters. Hen is a widow who has fought with poverty for 20 years. Her husband died when the girls were young. The death of her husband was high stress for Hen and her family. She has lived with poverty in her entire life without the support of her husband.

When her daughters grew up, she decided to leave her home-town with her daughters to find a job in Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh is an important industry for local investors in the factory field. This business has been helping Cambodian People to have jobs to survive. Employees likes Kouk Hen have been working in a garment factory located in Phnom Penh as a cleaner with her two daughters. All of them tried to work hard to support the family.

Unfortunately, Hen has a problem with her right knee. She tried to work and clean but could not. She became very sick and could no longer work which made her family situation even more difficult. She started feeling sick 10 years ago and also tried to use Khmer traditional medicine. She spent a lot of money from her savings for healthcare. Hen knows about the Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE (SHCH) because of her co-worker who has received treatment here.

When Hen arrived in the ER she was suffering from right knee swelling, pain and a fever.
Our medical team provided good care to Hen and encouraged her through it. The results show she has right knee septic arthritis. She was admitted to the surgical department where she received good care during her hospitalization.

After staying at the hospital for over two weeks, her condition improved enough for her to go home. “We are so grateful for this hospital helping me. I was very sick, in my district; the medical care is too expensive. This hospital has very good treatment and doctors who work very hard to take care for the patients.” Said Hen with tears in her eyes.

Now, Hen was returned home with her daughters to continue to work for family.

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Ms. Chum Peou Kagna,

CMC Charge Nurse, who has served the hospital for 10 years, is very patient, well-communicated, reliable, and well-behaved.

“I think that 10 years are very short for me to work in the hospital with good staff like all of you”.