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Sophorn, aged 54, was on this journey. He had been feverish and coughing for three weeks and had visited three different health service providers to find treatment. When the doctors in these facilities saw his persistent cough, they misdiagnosed him with tuberculosis (TB). Sophorn took the TB medicine but it didn't work. He became sicker and sicker. 'I lost hope because they couldn't treat me,' he said. 'I didn't want to go to any other doctors.' Luckily, Sophorn's wife didn't give up. She helped him to come to SHCH.

By the time Sophorn arrived at our hospital, he had been sick for weeks already and was in a serious condition. His fever was running high and he could not engage with his surroundings. Our team immediately gave him oxygen and an IV drip and hospitalised him in the medical ward.

At SHCH, Sophorn finally received a correct diagnosis. The team tested a sample of the fluid around his lungs and found a bacterial infection (burkholderia) that was contributing to a lung abscess. The tissue of his lungs was degenerating, causing a build-up of fluid and pus. Sophorn needed to be treated with a specific combination of antibiotics for one month to cure the burkholderia infection, and a chest tube was inserted to drain the fluid around his lungs.

For Sophorn, a construction worker who makes $5 a day, this length of stay and the treatment he received would have been impossible without the affordable care provided by SHCH. Affordable, high-quality care restored Sophorn's life and he was able to return home to his family.

'This hospital changed my life,' he said. 'It gave me hope and renewal.'

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