New Hope for Old Village Chief

75 year-old Srey Phon is chief of his local village, and despite his age he puts in long hours serving his community for a small salary of just $55 USD each month. He and his wife live with their son and his family. The extended family, like most Cambodian families, work many jobs to make ends meet, pooling their resources.

Last May, Phon developed a high fever, abdominal pain and heart burn. He began losing weight, couldn’t sleep at night due to pain, and he struggled to continue working. After two months of illness, three expensive and unproductive visits to the clinic, and a third round of the wrong medication costing $75 USD (more than six weeks of Phon’s salary), the family had run out of money and options. Phon’s neighbors told him about Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE and the family immediately travelled here.

During a two week stay in SHCH’s medical ward, Phon received a thorough round of medical investigations and was diagnosed with pneumonia, TB and anemia. He was started right away on the appropriate medications and is now feeling like himself again. Phon’s daughter-in-law attributes Phon’s quick recovery to the dedicated staff at SHCH. “Thank you for your generous heart,” she says to the staff.

Phon continues to attend follow-up appointments at SHCH, and we love seeing him smiling again!


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