Traffic accident survivor travels the difficult road to recovery

Sok Try, a 49 year-old father from Phnom Penh, is one of nearly 6,000 Cambodians injured in traffic accidents each year. Try works as a moto taxi driver, picking up customers on the back of his motorbike and taking them wherever they need to go. It doesn’t pay much, but occasionally he can make up to $5 per day. This past July, Try was dropping off a passenger on his motorbike when he was slammed into by a reckless driver. According to the latest government statistics, 30% of Cambodians involved in traffic accidents die; and over 75% of these fatalities are on motorbikes. Luckily, Try and his passenger survived. But his troubles had only just begun.

Immediately after Try’s accident, he was rushed to a government hospital where he received surgery for a broken leg. After five days in the hospital costing him a total of $500, Try ran out of money and he was promptly discharged. Try then came to SHCH, where he was provided with all available treatment. Unfortunately Try required a specialist orthopedic surgery that is only available at a nearby private clinic. Try’s extended family managed to scrape together $1,000 to cover the cost of the surgery, but while at the private clinic Try contracted a bloodstream infection. He quickly came back to SHCH to receive follow-up.