The Devastating Impacts of Health Care Costs   

Naron and her husband at medical ward

Van Naron is a mother of 3 young children who, for many years, managed the small family farm in Kandall province with her husband. With a series of tragic events: Naron’s failing health, increased pressures to feed their family and send the children to school, Naron and her husband Sovann made the very difficult decision to sell their land.  They moved into a small rented house in the same village.  Sovann found work as a laborer at a larger property nearby.  He was earning $5 a day to support the entire family.

Naron’s pain and weakness increased.  Her symptoms rapidly escalated with an inability to urinate, rapid weight gain from fluid retention, and severe pains. She had anemia—very common in Cambodia as poor people often do not get enough protein and compounded by the decreased use of the traditional cast iron cookware. 

As her situation got worse, Naron considered SHCH.  She had first been treated here in 2014 for persistent fever, but she was not hospitalized.  Naron was admitted after our medical team found her struggling with iron deficiency, impaird kidneys and a serious abdominal infection. 

Naron is in the hospital now with her husband and will be discharged after her problems become stable.  The children are being cared for by neighbors until the parents can return back to the province.  With the support of generous donors like you, Naron and her husband receive a small contribution for food support.  Even after Naron regains her health, she and Sovann will continue to have a difficult life.   

“I am so happy to have the kindness of the doctors and nurses. This hospital fills me with a hope to continue living.  Thank you for everything."

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