Hard-Working Farmer Finally Gets the Care She Needs

Chab Chroub and her husband at Surgical ward.

Chab Chroub thought she had tried everything to heal her wound. Chroub, 48, had stepped on a nail on her farm in Kratie Province. For two months, she tried to treat her wound with traditional medicine – soaking her foot in a bath of water with special leaves and tree barks. When it wasn’t working and the wound began to worsen, she visited a local pharmacist who gave her several boxes of expensive medication an injection in her hip. Chroub isn’t sure what the tablets or injection were for, because the pharmacist never explained them to her. All she knows is that they cost her $300 and didn’t work. At her wit’s end and now struggling financially, Chroub sold two of her cows and travelled with her niece to Phnom Penh to seek care at SHCH.

Once at SHCH, Chroub received the first thorough medical examination of her life, and was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension. Chroub underwent two surgical wound debridements and was fitted with a wound vac for 5 days. Now the wound vac is off, and thanks to such attentive wound care and diabetes education from the inpatient nurses, Chroub is nearly ready to go home. “The staff here told me that if I had waited any longer to come, I could have lost my foot or even my life,” Chroub told us, promising to take her diabetes seriously. “I am thankful to be here, and I’ve never experienced care like this in my life.”. READ MORE... OR CLICK HERE FOR MORE STORIES...