Compassionate Care to Needy People in Cambodia

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Nhoek Mech before receiving free surgery at Surgical Ward

Ms.Nhoek Mech is a 58-year-old farmer from Battam Bang province. She came to SHCH to receive free operation and medical care on 7th March 2015. She has four sons and a daughter; four of her children are graduated grade 12 and one of her son quit school in grade 8, all of them are working to support the family. They are make little income to sustain their family.

Around 5months ago, Ms.Nheok Mech found a mass on her left breast the mass size about 4-5cm. She went to private clinic and the doctor did the biopsy for her and the result is malignancy. The doctor tried to explain her to get mastectomy but she refused because of the operation price too high, so she decided get traditional treatment. She took a lot of traditional treatment but they did not work. A few months ago, in the same breast, she noticed a hard mass while she bathing.During that period she was very sad and she attempted to suicide many time. Fortunately, she was recommended came SHCH by her cousin know about our Breast Cancer Program. She is glad that there is a hope for survival so she can continue to earn and take care of her family.“Very thank you for saving me and giving me a new life. I will distribute this information to all women in my village to save their life from breast cancer” - Nheok Mech.

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